Health Care Marketing

If your mission is health care and wellness, look to THE CONSUMMATE WORDSMITH for all of your marketing, community-relations and public-education needs.

When the quality of your presentation must reflect the quality of your care, let THE CONSUMMATE WORDSMITH

  • create health care communications for providers, members and the general public
  • design and implement your provider recruitment programs
  • plan your communications strategies and advise your internal and external clients
  • identify and balance your stakeholders’ requirements
  • develop distinct brand identities for intangible products and services
  • provide leadership for your creative team
  • produce accessible and meaningful content for lay and professional audiences

Northwest China Council

The Northwest China Council is a Portland-based educational organization supporting the conservation of culture throughout the Chinese diaspora as well as the increase of international and intercultural understanding.  It offers Mandarin Chinese language classes, business culture workshops, history talks given by prominent speakers, a book club and many other opportunities for professionals to pursue China-centered topics of interest.

221 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite 210-J
Portland, OR  97209

(503) 973-5451


Urban Grind Update

It took THE CONSUMMATE WORDSMITH quite a long time to process the loss of Urban Grind Northeast before this post could be made. Farewell to the seat of so many happy memories, and our best to Kevin Crawford and the staff of Urban Grind Northwest as they continue brewing magic at a newly single location.


Zach Hudson and New Poetry Review

Zach Hudson, the Portland-based humanist educator and poetry aficionado, comments on new and emerging poets with an eye to craft as well as innovation. His blog, New Poetry Review, is well worth a visit; that he finds Cornwall compelling is icing on the cake.


Sarah Bibb and FOLLY

If you live in Portland and haven’t yet checked out this wondrous little corner of NW 16th, I envy you your first time. Young and lively fashion designer Sarah Bibb offers her own locally stitched creations as well as a selection of pieces from other designers of national renown. The emphasis is on beautiful, not fussy: the best of retro combined with ethically sourced and easy to wear. Her pieces drape well and work for so many different occasions.

The boutique, FOLLY, is very aptly named; even the accessories are consistently lovely and playful. The atmosphere is a bit retro, a bit romantic, a bit erotic…and THE CONSUMMATE WORDSMITH is very pleased to say that copies of body English can now be found among FOLLY’s offerings.

1005 NW 16th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

(503) 954-1334


Urban Grind Coffeehouse

If Urban Grind Coffeehouse didn’t already exist, could we create it spontaneously from things we already have on hand? Take a generous supply of Portland’s creative and entrepreneurial minds, put them in beautiful bodies of every age and description, and mix them well with local moms and dads and little ones, stakeholders all in our flourishing community and its sustainable cultural development…

Now serve them delicious coffee, fragrant chai, bagels toasted to perfection, light lunches and pastries of the sort you don’t realize you need until you lay eyes on them. Provide space and light and hundreds of ways to get comfy and music that gently delights without ever disturbing. Open your space to seminal cultural events and community happenings while remaining a daily sanctuary for those who want to work quietly and still be somewhere

Tempted yet? Urban Grind NE, 2214 NE Oregon St. (just north of 22nd and Sandy), Portland 97232, invites you to please ALL of your senses. To this end, copies of body English are available for sale directly at the coffeehouse.

Sip and take a wild ride.

(503) 546-0649


Readers: have your say

Have you gotten your hands on a copy of body English yet? Would you like to share your thoughts about the book with an international audience, including Peter Cornwall himself? Post your comments below!


Buy local! Powell’s and Broadway Books stock Cornwall gem

Powell’s Books, North America’s largest bookstore, and local treasure-trove Broadway Books are now carrying body English. Portlanders: Buy local, and support both these venerable and iconic institutions!

POWELL’S BOOKS–NW 10th at W Burnside